The Emotions Wheel: What It Is + How To Use It

Can you guess how many emotions a human can experience?  With so many emotions, how can one navigate all of those feelings without getting lost? The answer: an emotion wheel. In this blog post I am going to be sharing with you what the emotion wheel is,  how to use it and why it isContinue reading “The Emotions Wheel: What It Is + How To Use It”

“Systemic Pandemic”

Systemic Pandemic” Host Dom Green and Guest Nico Giles of Nico Giles Media discuss the painful facts of systemic racism. Their observations on how racism has affected them in America and a list of the social issues that are ongoing and how he got his start in culture media that eventually lead to his PBS documentary Land of Opportunity. Watch our interview via Youtube and or Apple Podcast / Spotify

Is it Safe to Travel?

Most of you came for the 411 on coronavirus and air travel, and I’ll get there. COVID aside, is it ever “safe” to travel? I get this question all of the time about almost everywhere. Is it safe to travel to Chicago? Is it safe to travel to Bogota? Where is the safest place to visit in Europe? Is my home town of Kansas City safe? Depends on what your idea of safe is and right now people are extra concerned about their health, and not their actual safety so I thought I would dive into the original meaning behind the question.

Protect Your Business From These COVID-19 Scams

The COVID-19 outbreak has been tough on small businesses. Consumers are spending less and many of us have had to reduce or shut down operations. To make things even worse, criminals are working overtime trying to pull COVID-19 scams on small businesses. These criminals know that many of us are in need of relief andContinue reading “Protect Your Business From These COVID-19 Scams”

CBD Being a benefit for anxiety during Covid19

Covid-19 is the only thing that’s hovering in the minds of all the people nowadays. This pandemic is not only taking a toll on the physical well being of a person; his/her mental and spiritual health is also undergoing a great deal of stress. The fear of getting infected by this deadly virus any day and anytime, the limited social contact bordering on being almost nil, the resulting economic constraints and of course, the inability to exercise, remain fit and lead a normal lifestyle as a whole, is making things worse than ever. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that more and more people will turn to CBD or cannabinoids to ensure the health of all these three factors in their lives and bring a much-needed improvement in the quality of sleep.


Dom Green Founder of Positive People Posse 3P Media creates a satire video positioning himself and tag team “The Peacock” as online experts, using basketball as their sales tool.. Nowadays when you engage with an ad just once, your online movement is tracked every step of the way. Dom thought it would be fun toContinue reading “RAIN DROP ACADEMY”


In response to COVID-19 The Merry Outlaw is making it a part of their mission to utilize their platform for change with their Mutual Aid app. Taking action UPDATE: With over $7K raised from the community of Kansas City, Non-Profit CompanyThe Merry Outlaw continues their mission to raise money through the sharing of community resources. Most ofContinue reading “THE MERRY OUTLAW.. BRINGING AID TO THOSE WHO NEED IT”


Quarantine lessons from binge worthy shows- Volume 1: Ozark Season 3 Episode 4 of Ozark. Marty Bryde gets kidnapped and taken to Mexico. The Cartel leader Navarro has made it clear that he’s unhappy with Marty’s unfulfilled plan to launder money through their newly acquired casino. Navarro asks Marty in a stern tone, “What doContinue reading ““WHAT DO YOU WANT?””