Nu Bounsom Eyelashes Product Review


Nu Bounsom Eyelashes Product Review by: Jaclyn Heupel


I’m a woman happily endowed with long blonde eyelashes and mascara is usually enough to make them visible. However, they never look as “full” as I would like them to be so i’ve been turning to false lashes. I ordered a few from Nu Bounsom and the Australian Mist is my FAVORITE. It is just enough length paired with a nice fullness to them.

The bonus is the glue… The adhesive glue that normally comes with lashes is white, watery, and can be very messy. Nu Bounsom comes with a tube of thicker adhesive glue that is dark in color so it blends with any eyeliner!


Sometimes other lashes can be a little long and need to be clipped to fit my eyelid but these were the perfect length for me.

Tip: Give the glue a moment to thicken before applying it to your eye so it sticks on the first touch to your eyelid. Once they are dry, take a tiny bit of your normal mascara and add it to the base of your lashes to help your real lashes blend with the Nu Bounsom lashes. They look amazing! And make me feel amazing. 

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Written by Jaclyn Huepel


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