CBD Being a benefit for anxiety during Covid19

Covid-19 is the only thing that’s hovering in the minds of all the people nowadays. This pandemic is not only taking a toll on the physical well being of a person; his/her mental and spiritual health is also undergoing a great deal of stress. The fear of getting infected by this deadly virus any day and anytime, the limited social contact bordering on being almost nil, the resulting economic constraints and of course, the inability to exercise, remain fit and lead a normal lifestyle as a whole, is making things worse than ever.  It, therefore, comes as no surprise that more and more people will turn to CBD or cannabinoids to ensure the health of all these three factors in their lives and bring a much-needed improvement in the quality of sleep. This non-intoxicating form of cannabis has been known since long to bring about a state of calm within users and help them sleep better, without that typical high that other forms of using cannabis may cause.  

How does the CBD work in alleviating anxiety?

CBD has popularly relieved a great number of people from anxiety or acute situations of stress. However, due to the long years of restrictions, scientists have only recently been able to find out its modus operandi. 

Akin to the functions of a number of anti-anxiety drugs, the CBD and CBD oil has also been found to activate a kind of serotonin receptor in the brain, causing an enhancement of the moods and of course, a considerable alleviation in the anxiety levels. In fact, a specific study from the Vanderbilt University has shown that cannabis actually has the ability to cut down the connections between the amygdala and the frontal cortex, the parts of the brain, which are known to be the brain’s superhighway for stress and anxiety

Photo cred: Ayo Ogunseinde

A further study proved that cannabis is also able to alter the patters of blood flow in those parts of the brain, which regulate anxiety levels in the person. So during this scary onset of the pandemic all over the world, CBD can end up altering your brain’s initial reactions to feelings, akin to, anxiety. It may be true that in most cases, a little bit of the anxiety can actually help you be more careful, pushing you towards the maintenance of better hygiene and following of the social distancing norms. However, an overload of the anxiety can also actually be counter-productive and make you stay up all nights worrying about things, which are not in your control. This is where the uses of CBD kick in, give you a necessary relief and take you to a chilled-out state, also helping you have a good night’s sleep.



These, of course, are reasons why more number of people are turning to CBD, instead of the different types of pharmaceutical forms of medication. The fact that it is natural and can help in several different kinds of anxiety disorders right up to severe cases of depression is what has made it so popular and a more preferred choice, compared to its pharmaceutical counterparts. This definitely makes the CBD worth trying to help your survive the Covid 19 phase and further still.



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