Dom Green Founder of Positive People Posse 3P Media creates a satire video positioning himself and tag team “The Peacock” as online experts, using basketball as their sales tool.. Nowadays when you engage with an ad just once, your online movement is tracked every step of the way. Dom thought it would be fun to make a video after seeing a ton of so called “Gurus” had infiltrated his mobile device. Having studied how simple concepts gain a great amount of exposure as a digital marketing company. In the course of 3 days it gained over 60K impressions and racked up a total of 15K views total among 4 different platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube). People want to engage with content that makes them gain some kind of escape while delivering a fun message. “It’s important to our company to be able to find ways to engage with people who are looking for content that brings some level of value to their life”-Dom Green

That being said the value in this case is laughter and joy. Two elements that make the hard times easier to endure.. Check out the video and leave a comment.

-Positive People Posse/3P Media


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