On 3/18/20 Freelance Editorial Photographer Gretchen Robinette took the time to speak with us on camera in Times Square, about the empty New York streets as a result of COVID-19. 

“Be aware of what you’re doing and that what you do affects other people” – Gretchen Robinette

In this brief preview of our long format version of “Social D I S T A N C E”, she discusses the importance of being mindful of others and how this pandemic is a reality check of how it affects everyone. As a Freelance Photographer Gretchen has first handedly seen how this nightmare epidemic has transformed the once vibrant streets to witnessing it turn into complete desolation in less than one weeks time. This virus has rapidly spread worldwide, in NYC alone there have been a reported total of 130,000+ COVID-19 cases ( Gretchen is conflicted by the balance of out of necessity earning a living in these low yield times and dealing with the traumas that come along with it. 


The fear of this pandemic is only natural giving the life shift we’ve all seen and experienced. It’s very clear that even at the beginning of it all, many of us are still learning about the impact and severity of COVID-19. In this “Social D I S T A N C E” mini series we interviewed a handful of civilians before the mandated shutdowns of Non-Essential businesses. These interviews reflect the early reaction to the pandemic.┬áStay tuned for more by subscribing to our Youtube channel to stay connected to the series content.

Stay Well + Stay Positive,

Positive People Posse/3P Media


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