With cities from coast to coast being riddled with fear during this pandemic, many people are also faced with financial turmoil. From the service industry, retail employees, independent contractors and Street Performers like J.P. Couling aka “Tear Soup” rely on human interaction in order to pay the bills. None of us have any definite answers on when it’ll be safe to go back to life as we knew it weeks before the threat of COVID-19, but it sheds light on how fragile life is. 

Watch interview.

When we interviewed J.P. Couling on 3/18/20 in Washington Square Park NY, NY, J.P. seemed to be optimistic about what he could control. We asked him, “What do you hope our future is for the next couple months” his response,’If anything, peace, happiness, love and understanding for all mankind and acceptance for one another.”-J.P. Couling. That statement then was selfless and stress free..


As weeks have gone by we have learned how lethal this disease is and the importance of social distancing. The impact of this virus has impacted everyone. Which makes J.P’s words even more relevant, “Show love, love will guide you”. The more we can unify during this time will allow us to inadvertently save lives and get back to a modified version of normalcy. 

While we social distance, we can only hope that the people who need help the most are able to get it. With there being a widespread amount of people and small businesses affected it’s important to find ways for us to help the world around us. 


Please drop a comment on organizations and programs that are helping their community in the message section for us to recognize these companies and individuals. 

Stay Well + Stay Positive,

Positive People Posse/ 3P Media Inc.

Proceeds for the “Wash your hands” T benefit FeedingAmerica.org


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