How well do you remember everything that you internally notate to yourself? What drives some of your thoughts? How well do you identify your weaknesses? 

In this article we review 5 key benefits on what you’re accomplishing by writing things down. We encourage you to leave a comment below to add your thoughts on the benefits.

Connecting with our internal thinking can be difficult to do for a lot of people. When we take the time to write out to reflect on an idea or an emotion, you are taking the time to think with intent. The benefits to writing down whatever your thought is no matter if it’s deemed as “dumb” or something that’s left openended reminds you to think through solving problems and or challenges.

#1 Writing for understanding your goals

You already have a lot on your plate in your daily routine and you want to pursue a new goal, but you tell yourself “I don’t have the time”. That’s not inaccurate whatsoever.. You told yourself that you’re not willing to commit to your goal because you haven’t taken the time on how you would execute your goal. Problem solving through understanding what steps you would take to pursue this challenge allows you to be task oriented in obtaining your goal set forth. 


Most likely you have a lot that you want to achieve.. Having your goals listed in front of you allows you to assess the level of importance. From there you can think about which one is most important to you and how you are going to accomplish it. If you just write “Lose weight.” It could be more beneficial if you took the time to clearly describe how you’re going to accomplish this goal and set forth a plan of action.

#2 Writing for motivation

When you look at your goal list you are reminded of the intent behind that goal. We as human beings are quick to give up when we aren’t held accountable by anyone other than ourselves. Having your goals visible is the reminder to continue taking the steps to resolve our plan of actions. Seeing your goal list promotes focus on your opportunities at hand.

#3 Writing for expression


Don’t be afraid to feel, you’re only human. The emotional connection you have to processing your inner thoughts are valid. Taking the time to write out your thoughts, fears, anxiety, health concerns etc.. Is a form of therapy that releases what’s going on in your head and makes it visible for you to reflect on to continue learning about yourself. We all have stress, and if stress goes untreated you are at risk for other health issues. (See article). 

“Write what disturbs you, what you fear, what you have not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open.”

— Natalie Goldberg

#4 Progress check

Holding yourself accountable in writing out your failures and successes will help you identify what your strengths and weaknesses are. It’s important to evaluate areas that you can celebrate as well as what you can improve upon. 

PHOTO CREDIT Luca Laurence

#5 Writing for gratitude 

What you write has a lot of truth. Writing about things that you’re grateful for in the present moment allow you to think about what you feel is most important. Our thoughts and priorities change like seasons. When we practice good habits through acknowledging our current accomplishments, support, prized possessions etc.. It allows you to strive to stay motivated for more without losing sight of what you already have.


Writing things down gives you visibility on your tasks, thoughts, mental stability, goals and a greater understanding of the path you’re pursuing. Pen and paper, phone or computer.. Write it out and stay curious!

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