Hi friends,

Today many of us are feeling the uncertainty for the coming weeks in regards to this global pandemic COVID-19. This disease is a reminder of how precious life is and how similar we are to one another. This virus isn’t immune to any race, sex, religion, spiritual belief and has quickly changed the welfare of communities globally. We are asking you for your help during this time of crisis. If there are small businesses, Non-Profits, elderly and or anyone who you can help do so. We are also asking for you to share those stories with us so we can connect with our community during this time.


For two years Positive People Posse has been promoting a positive mindset because we believe in the importance of human connection, even while we’re practicing social distancing. Although we are not the largest company, we continue to strive to do our part and be socially conscious in helping our community through our platform. We created two shirts in support of FeedingAmerica.org. With every purchase of the Wash Your Hands T we’ll be donating $5 on your behalf. This is a Non-Profit that supports getting food to families and communities in need.

The fact of the matter is we are all in this together and we are rooting for you and appreciate your support over the last few years!

Stay Positive,

Dom Green

Marketing Director/Founder

Positive People Posse/3P Media


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